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Dark Deception Chapter 3 Update V1.6.0 __FULL__

update!!!! we have a new chapter for dark deception! we have just released chapter 3 of dark deception and it is definitely the best chapter so far! the game has been pretty good so far and the dark deception chapter 3 update is the first chapter to truly push the boundaries of what people can expect from it.

Dark Deception Chapter 3 Update v1.6.0

dark deception chapter 5 release date is not set yet. no tentative release date is announced for chapter 5 from the company or the developers themselves. although, vincent livings did mention that chapter 5 is about 50% done in one of his tweets. now, dont get disheartened cause we got some exciting news for you guys regarding the upcoming dark deception chapter. vincent posted a poll on his twitter account regarding the release format of the new chapter. the poll was about how would the players like dark deception chapter 5 to release. would they prefer each level individual release or the release of a complete chapter

the release date is not yet announced for dark deception chapter 5. the firm or the creators themselves have not disclosed a preliminary release date for chapter 5. vincent livings did however tweeted, chapter 5 is roughly 50% complete. now, dont be discouraged since we have some interesting information for you, about the next chapter on dark deception. vince provided a survey on a new chapters releasing structure on his twitter handle. the survey discussed the players would want therelease ofchapter 5, dark deception. would you want to publish a whole chapter oreach level individually

the full story completed! finally, i can use this character in future projects. and i can finally finish writing this story mode article! are you still reading? see, youve already developed a character from the story! this means that each chapter will be a standalone adventure and will not connect to each other. the story will last for 5 chapters and the full story will be 100%. let me give you a review on dark deception chapter 3 update v1.6.0


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