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Ejaculation Advisor Book Free Download [PORTABLE]

Diana has taken her time and patience to share her experience in black and white. In this book, you would see 30 natural remedies that would change your sex life for good, while the unpleasant experiences and embarrassments associated with premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past.

Ejaculation Advisor Book Free Download

The texts presented in the textbook are accurate and free of any blunders or mistakes. The information is laid out in an organized and systematic fashion, which makes it easier to comprehend. The text seems to take a neutral stance and does not promote any particular point of view. Since the content has been appropriately referenced, students can trust this resource.

In conclusion, the Anatomy and Physiology Open Textbook by OpenStax is an indispensable resource for any student studying this difficult topic. Not only does it provide a comprehensive overview of human anatomy, but it also contains illustrations, drawings, and slides to assist students visualize the material. Additionally, it is organized in a way that facilitates navigation. This free textbook is an excellent resource for anatomy and physiology students due to its well-defined structure, logical organization, and detailed explanations of intricate concepts.

Overall the text book is good when compare to other text book . OpenStax text book all the chapter is organized ,and some diagram is good for students. This book is very comprehensive. I compare the text book with other commercial text but OpenStax is very helpful for A&P student. It is free of cost that means idea is excellent for students specially pandemic time.

Overall this is a good text, and a wonderful resource for people or institutions who need a cheap or free option. The text is accurate, logical, and thorough. The major flaws of the book are its illustrations. some are very good but others are lacking in detail or general appearance. I would consider using this book in a class, especially if some of the illustrations were updated.

Figures are extremely important to me when choosing a textbook. I am happy to see in this textbook that the figures are nice and clear when you zoom in on them. They are also of good quality and accuracy; I have not been wishing to have a different image that what is provided in the text. A lot of free content out there tends to have cartoon-like figures that are not entirely accurate, but the figures included in this textbook I am extremely happy with (i.e., the skeletal and muscular system figures). They are or are very near the same quality as what you would get in a textbook you would pay for. The links to animations and videos are also nice to have for students. When I clicked on the web URL to view the animation on metabolic processes (pdf p.25), it opened and played just fine (you will need Adobe Flash enabled). However, when I used my barcode scanner to scan the QR code, it did not open the animation on my phone (it looks like it is the wrong web address compared to the URL link listed). The next QR code and URL link on text p. 22 opened the YouTube video just fine on both computer and phone. The interactive micrographs are a definite plus to using this textbook, I think they are awesome. Students struggle so much when it comes to the tissues, so having more potential practice images that they can zoom in on to great detail will be really helpful.

This is a good start point for freeing students from expensive traditional books and this is the trend to go. We really appreciate this. Future improvements could focus on flexibility and better presentation, such as animation. In addition, on-line question banks should be provided to the instructor.

The online version of the textbook has modularity in units and chapters, but pdf version is download as one piece. It would be nice to offer an option for sectional downloading. The sequence of the chapters are in a similar order as most other anatomy and physiology textbooks. It should not be hard for instructors to adapt this textbook and use sections of the book.

I applaud those with the vision to create an excellent free online textbook for students throughout the world who want to (or need to) learn about human biology, and for anyone else who is curious about how we are put together and function. Thank you!

The book navigates well, and all the images appear to be free of technical issues. Obviously the ability to link from the index to specific topics is nice. Also the Interactive Links (a type of sidebar) are well integrated into the written text. The "Interactive Link Questions" are a wonderful addition to the set of questions at the end of many of the chapters.

The book seems to sometimes have big blocks of lengthy text, which could be broken up by providing more images, diagrams, flow charts etc. that are individually downloadable or printable. This would break up long sections and help readers understand the material better, and it would allow students to gear the text toward their individual learning styles. It would be easier if each theme would have a chapter, and if figures, tables, etc. were numbered according to their specific chapters, like they are in regular A & P textbooks. It makes it easier for teachers to refer to a specific figure, table, etc.

Currently, the textbook must be downloaded as one large PDF file. Making the content available a chapter at a time would increase the modularity of the textbook. The textbook is not completely modular, but that is to be expected. The subject matter builds on itself from chapter to chapter. As students are introduced to concepts or terminology (homeostasis in chapter one, or sodium ions in chapter two), this knowledge can be built upon in subsequent chapters.

I recommend enlarging some of the figures to make them more readable. Particular attention should be paid to figures of the eyes and muscle diagrams.I had difficulty navigating such a large .pdf file. Allowing students to download the book one chapter at a time would help with this issue.

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Matt wrote the Ejaculation Trainer pdf in 2008 and since then it has been the most popular premature ejaculation course that suffers from premature ejaculation can read about and use that knowledge to help their sex lives. It is a long-term solution for those that are able to take the time to dedicate to the methods divulged in the ejaculation trainer pdf book, here is our review of Ejaculation Trainer.

The author of the book is Matt Gordon, a former sufferer of premature ejaculation and now sex education coach who as enabled couples to re-ignite their sex lives and re-establish their dwindling relationships.


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