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Kamasutra Sex Position Book Pdf [VERIFIED] Download

Our Supreme Bliss Tantric Sex Instruction Ebooks are detailed, practical, how-to guides so singles and couples can improve their sex lives and bring spirit into the bedroom. When you easily download one of our ebook computer files you read our straightforward explanations, powerful techniques, and then follow our simple step-by-step instructions to improve your orgasms, heart connection, and spiritual loveplay as quickly as possible in the privacy of your own home. Our 200 to 300 page ebooks are detailed, comprehensive, and fully illustrated, just like a do-it-yourself training program. You can spend weeks and months of delight practicing, experimenting, and expanding your sex life, love life, and spiritual life privately, but with the experts guidance right by your side. In other words, you really get your money's worth with our Supreme Bliss Tantric Sex Instruction Ebooks.

Kamasutra Sex Position Book Pdf Download

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My fully-illustrated, no-holds-barred, XXX-picture ebook shows you 208 ways to enjoy Tantric sexual intercourse like never before. All 239 pages are based on how the Kama Sutra taught sex partners to create intense sexual ecstasy using its frank classification of genital sizes, lover personalities, and sexual techniques. With 268 color photographs, detailed diagrams, and beautiful artwork, my revolutionary, no-nonsense ebook shows multiple ways to enjoy each of the 6 main lovemaking postures, plus oral sex, anal sex, and group sex. You'll learn to adapt the basic 59 Kama Sutra sex positions to compensate for smaller or bigger sexual organs, use your hands on each other, hit her secret orgasmic triggers, maintain comfort for bodies of different size, and create mutual pleasure with a sweeter loving connection. Like all our ebooks, it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Hammock positions are not for good always. these are meant for someone who is not your wife. in other means it is more painful in simple terms and try not on your married girl except call girl or friend. it sometimes damage your inner tissues both of male and female. I would prefer to have simple couch position which kamasutra guides us to enjoy to bliss.she , he, ankle, he half and half straight half horizontal positions are here to enjoy.

After that, since 1970 there started an active porn industry, which also caught up and started to develop actively brand of the Kamasutra in the whole world, making different films and educational manuals on sex positions. As a result, among many people, name of the book is associated exclusively with sex positions. Through the years, popularity of the book was growing as well as demand for educative literature about sex. Thus the Kama Sutra is known nowadays. 350c69d7ab


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