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Our grounded expertise, inclusive solutions, and commitment to the common good are what turn that hope into a plan that fulfills your dreams. Years of independent, academic research have proven our efforts effective. Ultimately, we believe in better futures for all, and we are committed to seeing that through.

credit expert login

Bring your new-found knowledge and ambition to our rewarding internships and graduate programs. We provide a stimulating, welcoming working atmosphere so you can learn from our experts and make your mark in real-world tasks. If you're ready for a career lift-off, find your place with us.

Our organization is located across continents and in all major financial centers of the world. From our headquarters in Switzerland, we create a global network of financial experts to best serve our clients' interests. This translates into exciting jobs and international careers for experienced professionals, students and graduates. Take a look into some of our main offices.

Our team of FICO Certified Professional credit experts have been working with consumers and businesses for 30 years. We use a strategic approach to credit repair and building. Each individual and each report is unique, our custom programs cater to the needs of every client.

Update : 10/05/2013 - 4PM: The community forum has returned - with site-wide SSL enabled. Appropriate cookies are httponly & secure and protocol support, key transmission and cipher strength all pass with flying colours. Superb. It's still not immediately clear to the user that the username/password required for the forum differ to those of the main site - which could lead to confusion, but there's arguably no security risk there. The register/login form actions however, should be explicitly set to HTTPS - so if another period of "routine maintenance" happened to disable side-wide SSL, the forms will not pass data across the wire using the current insecure protocol.

Now, there's a serious problem. The database cannot hold 28 characters - it can only store 20... so your password would be truncated to "my_password_for_cred". The next time you try to login, it will compare... 041b061a72


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