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Hyperledger Fabric, The Open-source Distributed Ledger, Reaches Release 2.0

On January 30, 2020, Hyperledger, hosted by The Linux Foundation, formally released Hyperledger Fabric v2.0, marking a significant milestone in distributed ledger technology (DLT). It is clear that blockchain technology is progressing at a rapid pace, as indicated by this milestone.

Hyperledger Fabric, the open-source distributed ledger, reaches release 2.0


Technology, if not improved time-to-time, soon becomes outdated. Keeping this in mind, Hyperledger recently announced the next version of Fabric - Hyperledger Fabric 2.0. As we read in our previous blog on Hyperledger, Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source, DLT (distributed ledger technology) based framework for facilitating the collaboration of cross-industry blockchains.

This Wiki has been developed to help you find out more about Hyperledger, its leading open-source distributed ledger frameworks, its vibrant ecosystem, publicly known CBDC projects using Hyperledger and who to reach out to in the community for support and collaboration.

Hyperledger is an open-source community focused on developing a suite of stable frameworks, tools, and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments. Hyperledger incubates and promotes a range of business blockchain technologies, including distributed ledger frameworks. A distributed ledger is a multi-party database with no central trusted authority. The differentiating nuance is that when transactions are processed in blocks according to the ordering of a blockchain, the result is a distributed ledger. Open-source distributed ledger frameworks hosted at Hyperledger include Hyperledger Besu, Burrow, Fabric, Indy, Iroha and Sawtooth. Learn more:


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